Blogging!! 2010 and on!

I’ve had this blog for the longest time with the intent to start blogging…. several years later here is my first post:)

I’m a horrid speller… just expect it, don’t judge me!!!!!

I have what seems to me a ton of photo’s that i would like to blog… which in reality probably isn’t that much. I thought i would start from the beginning of 2010 and work my way through the year.

Here are pics that Vida and I took in Long Beach CA @ the end of 09′ into the beginning of 10′ with Brian and Kat. The plan was JFK to Vegas for a day, then hop on a early flight to LB for two days back to JFK where we head straight to the slopes in VT… It was just as tiring as it sounded.

Unfortunately we didn’t make it Big Bear ( i have to go back eventually to see what the hype is about ) but i was having a great time just driving through the San Bernardino Mountains. There is something about the sun on the west coast that make it easy to take reaally nice sunset pic’s. Loving he west coast!

Here are some pic’s from the trip.

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Vegas money burners…

I’m not a big fan of fast food but i have to admit In n Out is bomb

At the airport for the early morning flight to LB

I just love this picture of Kat and Bri. To me this is exactly their personalities. Kat, the planner and responsible one. Bri, eats glue and pretends he’s a plane.

Roaming around the LB Vida and i found a ferris wheel. I hate ferris wheels… just because they scare me.

Unfortunately for me Vida loves ferris wheels.

Once the terror subsided i was able to enjoy the view.

Enjoying the twilight on the beach

Awesome west coast sunset.

Sunset at the marina right next to the beach.

Something about the San Bernardino Mountain made me totally not upset that we didn’t make it to Big Bear because of a snow storm…

Kat and Bri

Vida and myself.

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Hitting up the ramp outside our condo in Jay Peak

Have good weekend!