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Random Fridays #16 – Less is more

I’ve been learning that silhouettes often show more emotion, drama and expression than a properly exposed photo. IView full post »

random Fridays #15 – Christmas

With all the shopping and card writing, crowds and lights up everywhere I finally feel like the Holidays are here.View full post »

Random Fridays #14 – Mi Vida

-Mike Contact Me | Website | Facebook | TwitterView full post »

Random Fridays #13 – City Lights

I really wish i had something profound and meaningful to say about this photo other than “pretty lights” andView full post »

Random Fridays #12 – it’s only fall, but winter is coming soon!

Random Friday… a day late ๐Ÿ˜› I was too pre-occupied with all the Thanksgiving Festivities that i totally missedView full post »

Random Fridays #11 – Pretentious film :P

I admit i may have jumped onto a fun little bandwagon by shooting a roll or two of film lately. I broke out my old fullyView full post »

Random Fridays #10 – Portrait: Me

Vida took a portrait of me. -Mike Contact Me | Website | Facebook | TwitterView full post »

Random Fridays #9 – I Wear my sunglasses…

Happy Friday, Wear crazy sunglasses if it makes you happy! -Mike Contact Me | Website | Facebook | TwitterView full post »

Random Fridays #8 Classic Car Curves

There was something about this car sitting parked on the street that caught my attention. I know what your thinking&#View full post »

Random Fridays #7 – I am Hungry!

I can’t seem to find anything interesting to post this friday… and i can’t seem to think past the factView full post »

Random Friday #6 – Cancun Beach Alien Cloud

Seems as if my random fridays have really just turned into landscape fridays… I’m gonna try and be moreView full post »

Random Friday #5 – El Castillo!!!!!!!

Almost missed it today but i’m determined to hold to my word and post every Friday!!!! Since i’m in Mexico iView full post »

Random Friday #4 – Don’t forget to look up

During the everyday grind it’s easy to get tunnel vision with whatever is occupying your mind…. The weekendView full post »

Random Fridays #3: Gratitude

I am grateful to live in the United States of America. This country is not perfect nor anywhere near it. I’llView full post »

Random Fridays #2: Photojournalism and something personal

I posted a picture that i took while away in Trinidad recently for my Nani’s funeral. The image is of my family,View full post »