About Me

This my wife Vida and myself sitting on the floor against a well drinking wine in Florence,Italy having a great time doing absolutely nothing. I love this picture because I believe it captures a our mood pretty well. Most of all it brings me right back to that moment. I would love create images that make you relive a moment, event, emotion or memory for you. If anything they’ll look amazing:)

There is a lot that goes into a wedding. Every bit of it is precious. When I photograph a wedding my intent is to tell a story. I document the day in small moments.  I try and capture the beauty in everything. It was never my intent to have a photojournalistic approach but it just felt like the right. I don’t consider myself organic, fine art or photojournalistic.  I shoot what i believe looks good. I hate to downplay my approach but when a camera in my hand that’s usually what goes through my head.

Portrait time is one of the main times of the wedding where I’ll start giving direction as what to do. It’s my job to find the coolest, most beautiful location and light to accurately capture how great you already look. I volunteer direction but love input. Tell me what you would like to do.. or even improv, go crazy! Im open to all suggestions ( this applies to the entire wedding as well ). The more comfortable you are the better your photo’s will come out.  I give the direction but you bring the style, attitude, laughter and love.

Weddings are fun, exciting and loving and they should show that! My favorite parts of the weddings are when people forget that i’m there taking pictures and just start being in the moment. I love this. Emotions make the most powerful images. Emotions of all kinds happen throughout your wedding day. I like my photos to show all of them.

For the gear junkies:)Iam currently shooting with two camera’s a 5d mkII and a 5d mkIII. The lens line up: 17-40L , 24L, 35L , 45 t/s, 50L, Sigma 85, 100L. It’s all pretty legit and constantly changing.